Brave Soldier Films was set up in 2009 in order to create, develop and produce unusual but commercially viable projects for all platforms. Nurturing and working closely with new (and not so new) talent, Brave Soldier Films aims to turn ‘obvious’ on its head, giving it a sharp but polished edge along the way. One of passions is developing ground breaking concepts and seeing them come alive on screen – so needless to say, we always aim to stay ahead of the zeitgeist here.


Lara started working as a production design assistant with Channel 4/7:84 and then moved to the BBC to work as a floor assistant. Fast forward twenty years, and Lara has acted, narrated, presented, produced, directed and written on a multitude of projects from video games and factual television through to large scale drama and feature films. As well as continuing to write and direct, Lara now works in the main as a Producer for Brave Soldier Films and as troubleshooting Consultant Producer to external companies.

#LONDONBOYS (Feature) Synopsis

Life is moving in the right direction for Chris, having just graduated from Manchester University and seeking a new walk of life with his equally driven Girlfriend.

Upon returning to North London, Chris learns the true severity of his Mother’s depleting physical condition, leaving her jobless and no longer able to provide for the family.

Chris puts everything on hold to support his Mother and teenage Sister, but something inside him seems to shift after he is reunited with former best friend, Ash. Chris can’t help but keep his guard up as Ash tries to rekindle their friendship, but the more he dodges him the greater his persistence becomes, targeting the whole family.

Chris is plagued by Ash’s haunting shadow, slowly unravelling the man and discovering what happened in the past, but also what needs to happen for him to finally have peace.

Writer: Nick Vasili
Director: Gary Nurse
Producer: Lara Greenway




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