About Us

Brave Soldier Films Ltd was set up by Lara Greenway in 2009 in order to create, develop and produce unusual but commercially viable media projects for all platforms. Nurturing and working closely with new (and not so new) talent, Brave Soldier Films aims to turn 'obvious' on its head, giving it a sharp but polished edge along the way.


Although we love to hear about your projects and wish we could chat to you all about every one, please do not send unsolicited scripts in the first instance as they will not be read. Do make contact first though as that way we can tell you what, if anything, we're looking for at present. Thanks!


You can contact us to begin with, on: enquiries@bravesoldier.co.uk

Current Projects
"How To Be Dead"

Comedy Web Series

Written by Dave Turner

Produced & Directed by Lara Greenway

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"The Dead Side of Life"

Black Comedy Short

Written by Dominic Carver

Produced & Directed by Lara Greenway

(in development as part of a charity fund raiser)



 Feature Rom-Drama set in Spain

Written & Directed by Lara Greenway

(in development)


"Runner" (Short, 2009. 2'19")



A comedic homage to 70s drama, starring Alan Mckenna. Written, Directed & Produced by Lara Greenway.



Josh, a loveable local, runs the same route every day and is pushing himself to the limit. But for what?


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"Hostile" (Short, 2009. 2'19")


An oppressive, disturbing drama starring Annette Ross. Written, Directed & Produced by Lara Greenway.



When you are living on the edge of reality a hostile environment is not always what it seems.


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"Tweet the Dice" (Multi Platform Project, 2009. 4'36") Teaser Promo

A 360 degree cross-platform project covering web, TV and cinema, currently in development. "#twitstunt" footage already shot (shown) will be edited into the final Feature Documentary along with footage taken from internet and television broadcasts, interviews and academic research.


Written, directed & produced by Lara Greenway.


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"three" (Experimental Short, 2008. 3'48")


Experimental short film (3m 49s) interpreting the myth of The
Three Graces - radiance, joy and abundance. Produced for entry into the 2008 Swarovski/Tank Films competition. Produced, directed & edited by Lara Greenway.


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"My Local Hero 2009" - Gala Awards Evening (55 mins)


An inaugural local awards event to recognise and celebrate unsung heroes within the community.


Brave Soldier Films were delighted to produce thirty nominee VT inserts for playback during the live awards ceremony in October 2009, and for inclusion onto a souvenir and marketing DVD, directed by Lara Greenway.

Other Projects - Lara Greenway

For further information on Lara Greenway's other projects please click on the links below:


"Hard Boiled Sweets"

(2012, Universal)

Starring Ian Hart, Paul Freeman, Peter Wight, Scot Williams

Written & Directed by David Hughes

Produced by Lara Greenway,

David Hughes, Demelza Jones &

Michael Riley.

Exec Produced by Margaret Matheson





(2012, Revolver)

Starring Danny Dyer & Anna Walton

Written & Directed by J.K. Amalou

Produced by Lara Greenway &

J.K. Amalou